Hawaiian Shirt Sunday

Sunday, September 23, is Hawaiian Shirt Day at Leavenworth Church of Christ.  As we consider what it means to be part of the family of God, we will focus on how love for that family plays out in our relationships with one another.  We will talk about laughter, listening, and responsibility for one another. We will remember that how someone is dressed should not determine how they are treated when they worship with us. We invite you to worship with us Sunday. Bible classes begin at 9:30 a.m., followed by the worship assembly at 10:30.

A huge “Thank you!” to all our visitors on Friends and Family Day last Sunday.  It was great to meet you. We hope you will keep on coming back!

Friends and Family Day is Sunday, September 16th! You’re invited!

Friends and Family Day is this Sunday, September 16th. We invite you, your family, and friends to study, worship, and eat with us. The day will begin with coffee, tea, and donuts at 9 am. Bible classes for all ages will begin at 9:30. Our worship assembly will begin at 10:30. It will feature spirited singing, fervent prayer, participation in the Lord’s Supper (Communion), and thought-provoking preaching.  Children who ages 2-8 will have the option to go to our Sonshine Express Children’s Service after the Lord’s Supper. After the assembly, we will move to the church’s fellowship room for one of those legendary church dinners. No need to dress up, but you can if you wish.

The past few weeks have been exciting for the congregation. Last Sunday we appointed a new elder, Wallace (Wally) Rachford. Wally is a dedicated student and able teacher of the Bible. He will work closely with the other elders and with our preacher to care for the spiritual needs of the congregation.  Our Monday night Bible Study group continues to help hurting people heal and more have come to Christ in baptism through it. Our Wednesday night Men’s Group began a study of the Gospel of Mark on June 12th, and the Women’s Group continues to focus on Prayer.  We have well-prepared classes for children as well on Wednesday night.

Youth Group and Challenging Bible Studies Highlight Opportunities

LTC Awards Day 2018

Challenging Bible studies. youth group accomplishments during Heart of America Leadership Training for Christ (LTC), and fellowship activities have highlighted March and April at Leavenworth Church of Christ.  Six of our Youth Group members participated in drama, small chorus, Bible Reading, and art production during LTC and won recognition for the outstanding quality of their achievements. The Men’s Bible Study on Monday nights has continued to grow as an evangelistic and fellowship opportunity as the group has delved into the book of Galatians.  Michael Summers has preached about “Who Is This God We Serve?” in April, joining 150 other preachers from across Churches of Christ in preaching from four passages about the nature of God and what it means for us.  Sunday night assemblies continue to focus on prayer, devotion to God, and meditation on the power of God’s word through a prolonged and prayerful study of Psalm 119. Fitness  and crochet groups have provided opportunities for fellowship.

Explaining Food Pantry Procedures

Our Food Pantry brought food and a devotional opportunity to more than seventy families in April. We invite you to join us in our goal of following Christ by practicing love in 2018.

Early March Highlights at Leavenworth Church of Christ

March has begun with great opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship at Leavenworth Church of Christ.  The youth group is working hard to prepare for LTC, which will take place in Kansas City at the end of the month.  Small group Bible studies are taking place at the building on Monday afternoon and evening.  A crafts group is learning crocheting and other skills while having fellowship and discussing how to serve others on Thursday evenings.  An exercise group meets on Monday and Thursday evenings.  These supplement the worship assemblies on Sunday and Bible classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  On Sundays, Michael Summers is in the midst of a short sermon series on Foundational Concepts for Discipleship from Luke chapter 6 on Sunday morning at 10:30 and is teaching “Loving the Law of the Lord,” intensive study of Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, on Sunday nights at 6 p.m.  Click on the links below to learn more about our recent March Singing Night and our weekly Men’s Bible Study.


March Singing Night


Monday Night Men’s Bible Study


Practicing Love


Love for Christians means more than emotion. Love means action to help others and forgiveness to repair relationships. Love means helping those who hurt to heal.  Biblical teaching related to current trends and fashions, classes that give opportunity to ask tough questions in a safe place, training in spiritual disciplines like Bible study and prayer, all form key building blocks for this congregation that seeks truly to be Christ’s church, a place for healing from emotional and spiritual scars.

The Leavenworth Church of Christ welcomes fellow strugglers to walk along with us as seek healing by loving God with all we’ve got and by learning to love other people more. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:24,25 that a primary reason that Christians gather together is to “stir one another up to love and good works. Among the ways we practice love and stir each other up are our Food Pantry, our work with a local homeless shelter, and Bible study groups for all ages.  We invite you to learn with us at the Leavenworth Church of Christ how to be the man or woman of love that God wants each of us to be. We will pursue this focus of practicing love in the context of renewing hope and sharing our faith, remembering the words of 1 Corinthians 13:11: “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

Sharing Our Faith

What do we believe and why do we believe it?  In our society, conflicting beliefs about climate change, the value of individual life, and how to help the disadvantaged provide fuel for arguments, protests, and gridlock in legislative assemblies.  A multitude of religious groups voice a cacophony of doctrines, rituals, and methods to meet spiritual needs, while atheists and agnostics scorn religion.

We often believe what we believe because people we trust or organizations we respect have taught us those beliefs.  We trust them, so we accept what they give us.  Several of our members come from families who have worshiped with churches of Christ for multiple generations.  Others heard what our preachers proclaimed or our members taught with initial doubt, then after consideration and varying degrees of inner struggle, converted to what for them was a different system of beliefs.  Many were as the Bereans were when they heard the teachings of Paul about Jesus, searching the scriptures (and whatever reliable evidence was available) to see whether these things were true (Acts 17:11).

In 2017, our congregation will focus on “sharing faith.”  This focus will include evangelism, but quite urgently will examine what we believe and how our identifying ourselves as Christians should influence how we speak, act, and treat others.  We will focus on how sharing faith builds bridges between generations and heals fractured friendships.  We will ask what it means for us to believe in a God who wants us to be holy as he is holy. We will pursue this focus in the context of renewing hope and practicing love, remembering the words of 1 Corinthians 13:11: “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you and your family will enjoy a uniting and joyous Thanksgiving holiday this weekend. If you are in Leavenworth, join us on Wednesday evening for an uplifting service of praise and song at 7 pm.  On Sunday at the 10:30 service, Michael Summers will begin a new sermon series from the first two chapters of Luke entitled “Are You Preparing the Way for the Lord?” Leavenworth members have gathered for a Chili Cookoff and a Ladies Night Out during the last two weeks. Check out our Facebook pagesladies-night-out ladies-night-4chilicookoff2016 for pictures from those events and other up-to-the-minute information about our congregation!

Fish, Fun, and Fellowship

Leavenworth Church of Christ members enjoyed an uplifting afternoon of fish, fellowship, singing, and laughter at an elder’s house this past weekend. One of the three anglers from the congregation who had captured the fish deep-fried them, along with jalapeno-infused hushpuppies for the more adventurous. The event is just one of several recently that have testified to ever-growing sense of community in the congregation. Several generations are working together to restore a youth group fire pit and devotional area behind the building. Groups from the church have traveled to other congregations for area-wide singings. Members manned a table at a Fort Leavenworth event that introduced newly arrived soldiers to local attractions and distributed hundreds of the congregation’s “Building Hope With Friends and Family” brochures. The congregation’s monthly Food Pantry supplied food for ninety-seven local families in one day. For more information about these and future events, check out the link to our Facebook page on the Menu. You may also want to watch a recent sermon or Communion meditation on the “Video Sermons” link. The best way to get to know us, of course, is to visit one of our worship services or Bible classes. We hope to see you soon.fishfry16


In 2016, the Christians at Leavenworth Church of Christ are working together to renew hope by practicing love and sharing our faith in Jesus. Practicing love includes mending relationships that have been fractured and helping those who struggle. Sharing our faith means modeling the teachings of Jesus in the way that we act and we talk, but also speaking to others about how God transforms the lives of those who obey him.
Renewed hope grows out of an intentional decision to be God’s man or woman for our time. It builds on systematic reading and study of the Bible (God’s Word), consistent practice of prayer, and frequent, regular meeting with other Christians to worship God and encourage one another. Following Jesus today is no easier than it has ever been. Regular attendance at Bible classes and worship assemblies fortifies one’s spirit and builds resistance to habits or desires that have hurt us in the past. Weekly partaking of the Lord’s Supper reminds us of the sacrifice that God made for us through Jesus, of the unity that he intends for us to enjoy, and of Jesus’ promise to return.
Thank you for visiting our website. Please take time to check out our Facebook page and other links for more information about the congregation. Contact us if you need more information or if you want to let us know when you will visit our congregation.

Friends and Family Day

You’re invited! Leavenworth Church of Christ is a diverse community of disciples of Jesus that works together to clear hurdles to relationships and to demonstrate God’s grace to our community. The picture typifies the fellowship and relationships that are building renewed hope at Leavenworth Church of Christ: Feeding the Hungry, Consoling the Hurting, Forgiving the Fallen, and Inspiring with Teaching Good News that transforms lives. We invite you to be our guest on Sunday, April 24th, for a day of “Renewed Hope for the Family of God.” Help us to renew relationships with God and one another as we seek to be truly Christ’s people in Leavenworth.
New Year's Eve 2016