What to Do When Weather Conditions Are Bad

Snow and ice have assaulted Leavenworth County this winter, causing disruption and rescheduling of church activities more often than we would like.   Here are suggestions for when bad weather threatens to cancel our services:

How to know if services, Food Pantry, or other events are cancelled:  We try to email or call members to let them know when services or events are cancelled.  We also will post on our Leavenworth Church of Christ Facebook page (there is a link on the church website menu) when we cancel or postpone. Like our page while you’re there.

What to do if church services are cancelled?  Check the Video Sermons tab on our website menu for sermons and communion talks.  Check the Resources tab for links to websites with information about Bible study and related topics. Our Facebook page will also have links to timely blog articles or helpful videos. Remember to leave a comment or like what you see on our Facebook page.  KCWE, channel 29 in Kansas City airs the television program In Search of the Lord’s Way on Sunday morning at 7 a.m.  Even if the weather’s good, you will want to check this program out: Great congregational singing and thought-provoking preaching.

Help others. Call friends who may be at risk because of the bad weather.  Make sure that they are safe, warm, and have food to eat.

Worship at home if services are cancelled.  Check out the “what to do” paragraph above. Read a chapter from the Bible and discuss.  Sing praises to the Lord.  Pray after discussing what needs God’s attention (Don’t forget to praise God and say “Thank you, Lord!”).

Be Safe!! If we have cancelled services, you will want to consider cancelling other activities you may have on your schedule. Pay attention to the weather forecast and road conditions in your neighborhood. Call if you need help.