A House of Prayer in 2019

The prophet Isaiah envisioned a time when the gathering of God’s people for worship would be a joyful house of prayer for all nations (See Isaiah 56:1-8). In 2019, the Leavenworth Church of Christ will devote themselves to being a joyful people of prayer. Being a house of prayer requires growing in our relationship with God by developing habits that will produce spiritual growth and will increase knowledge of God and his Word. Biblical teaching related to current trends and fashions, classes that give opportunity to ask tough questions in a safe place, training in spiritual disciplines like Bible study and prayer, all form key building blocks for this congregation that seeks truly to be Christ’s church, a place for healing from emotional and spiritual scars. We invite you to learn with us at the Leavenworth Church of Christ how to be the spiritually mature man or woman that God wants each of us to be. Please worship with us soon.