Youth Group and Challenging Bible Studies Highlight Opportunities

LTC Awards Day 2018

Challenging Bible studies. youth group accomplishments during Heart of America Leadership Training for Christ (LTC), and fellowship activities have highlighted March and April at Leavenworth Church of Christ.  Six of our Youth Group members participated in drama, small chorus, Bible Reading, and art production during LTC and won recognition for the outstanding quality of their achievements. The Men’s Bible Study on Monday nights has continued to grow as an evangelistic and fellowship opportunity as the group has delved into the book of Galatians.  Michael Summers has preached about “Who Is This God We Serve?” in April, joining 150 other preachers from across Churches of Christ in preaching from four passages about the nature of God and what it means for us.  Sunday night assemblies continue to focus on prayer, devotion to God, and meditation on the power of God’s word through a prolonged and prayerful study of Psalm 119. Fitness  and crochet groups have provided opportunities for fellowship.

Explaining Food Pantry Procedures

Our Food Pantry brought food and a devotional opportunity to more than seventy families in April. We invite you to join us in our goal of following Christ by practicing love in 2018.