About Leavenworth Church of Christ

About Us

Greetings from the Leavenworth Church of Christ family! Whether you are a brother or sister in Christ re-locating to Leavenworth, or a military family moving to our area, or just curious and looking, We hope you will find your visit on this website and to our services informative, challenging, and encouraging.

We are a Christ Centered Family

Christians are to be active followers of Christ, not merely passive recipients. As a result, we desire to be a Christ-centered family: learning, sharing and caring. We have ministries devoted to each of these initiatives.

We strive to reflect Christ-centeredness in all we do, especially our worship. Our worship is not a spectator event, but a participatory experience in which we raise our voices together to praise our Lord and encourage one another.

We are a Learning Family

Our Bible Class program is designed to increase our knowledge of the scriptures, which is the main tool that God uses to shape and form us into the image of Christ. Since we believe that both content and practice are necessary to personal and spiritual growth, our learning does not merely inform, but transforms, which is why the ultimate goal of our study is the forming of godliness in action, thought, and will.

We are a Sharing Family

Jesus came with a mission and has passed that mission on to his church. As a result, we keep the faith, but we share the faith also. We support both foreign missions and local evangelistic efforts. Our benevolent efforts are not ends in themselves, nor is the ultimate goal taking care of only surface needs. As Jesus demonstrated, we move from the surface needs to the deepest spiritual needs and share the only way to meet those needs, which is through a relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior.

We are a Caring Family

Our Bible classes, our Food Pantry, and volunteering at the Shelter of Hope make caring ministry a reality. God demonstrated his gracious care for us through Jesus. Since Jesus is our model, we care and share as he did, connecting with each other on a personal level. These ministries go beyond “foyer fellowship” and casual acquaintances to form spiritual friendships with Christ at the center.

Over the years, lives have transformed while serving, sharing, caring, and doing the things that please God at Leavenworth Church of Christ. If you want to grow through learning, sharing, and caring, then please visit or contact us personally.