Congregation says farewell to minister

The Leavenworth Church of Christ bid farewell to Preacher Michael Summers and his wife Morrisa on Sunday, May 26. His tenure as minister for the congregation began on August 1, 2015, and ended Friday, May 31st, 2019. Videos of the elders’ farewell presentation and Michael’s farewell sermon may be found on the Leavenworth Church of Christ Facebook page and the congregations YouTube page.

While serving as the preaching minister, Michael Summers initiated a three-year refocus for the congregation on renewing hope, sharing faith, and practicing love. He reestablished outreach to the Fort Leavenworth military community by spearheading and organizing participation in the post’s annual fall Post Activities Information and Registration Day where arriving students and permanent parties gain information and sign up with social, recreational, spiritual and educational organizations. An emphasis on prayer began with his weekend seminar on prayer entitled “Call for Fire,” and continues with the congregation’s theme for 2019, “A House of Prayer.” He established an annual recognition dinner for our teachers and volunteers, and brought a spiritual dimension through scripture, song, and prayer to the church’s food pantry. During his first two years as the congregation’s preacher, he also served as State Chaplain for the Georgia Air and Army National Guard. Morrisa taught elementary children’s Bible classes, worked with the LTC program, spoke on a Ladies Day program for the congregation, and wrote articles for the Food Pantry bulletin.

Michael and Morrisa Summers

The elders and other men from the congregation will rotate the preaching responsibilities. 

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