In 2016, the Christians at Leavenworth Church of Christ are working together to renew hope by practicing love and sharing our faith in Jesus. Practicing love includes mending relationships that have been fractured and helping those who struggle. Sharing our faith means modeling the teachings of Jesus in the way that we act and we talk, but also speaking to others about how God transforms the lives of those who obey him.
Renewed hope grows out of an intentional decision to be God’s man or woman for our time. It builds on systematic reading and study of the Bible (God’s Word), consistent practice of prayer, and frequent, regular meeting with other Christians to worship God and encourage one another. Following Jesus today is no easier than it has ever been. Regular attendance at Bible classes and worship assemblies fortifies one’s spirit and builds resistance to habits or desires that have hurt us in the past. Weekly partaking of the Lord’s Supper reminds us of the sacrifice that God made for us through Jesus, of the unity that he intends for us to enjoy, and of Jesus’ promise to return.
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