Renewing Hope in 2016!

The Leavenworth Church of Christ has unique opportunities to serve the Lord.  Military leaders come from across the nation and the world to study in our community.  Families often arrive with them. Other families come to visit or be near loved ones who are incarcerated in our county. Still others come for treatment at the Veterans Administration hospital or to work at one of the thriving factories or businesses in our city.  We worship in a growing and changing community where people need hope to adapt successfully to the changes in their lives. In Christ, we have someone whom we can trust, and from him we have gained truths and values that help us navigate difficult times in our lives. In 2016, we will work as a congregation to renew hope in our lives, in our church, and in our community through our love for God. Pray that God will bless us with joy, with success, with peace, and with love as we begin “Renewing Hope in 2016.”  We invite you to  work with us on that mission to restore hope to hurting souls.

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